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The Impact Equation – Are you growing lettuce or an apple tree?

1 The Impact EquationReread the first chapter of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. I’m on the #3BD [3 Book Diet] for 2013. This means I am focusing on just 3 books and taking them slow and deep. Thought for today – we all have the ability to be a media channel with relatively little cost except for our time. How do we create an impact? Start with our long term goal. Chris and Julien start the chapter out with an analogy I really related to, are we growing lettuce or an apple tree?

Lettuce, easy and fast to grow. Plant seeds, eating lettuce in less than 3 months but it wilts fast and dies. Apple tree, takes 5 years to bear fruit, but then you can have fruit for many years to come. And you can make juice, pies, cider, sauce and lot of other things from the apples. Which are you creating in your business? Got me thinking….

Impact Equation – Four part process

  • Goals
  • Ideas
  • Platform
  • Human Element

Julien summed it up by saying that we are the first generation to be mass media creators. So why not create your own TV network. Once you adopt this concept then look at your goals, get them defined and create 10 different programs for your network. What is the title of your network, is it the Real Estate channel of Naples, Florida? What ever your business or passion, think about how you are going to curate the content for the shows on your channel. 

The next page was left blank and for a good reason. Since I’m not in a hurry and this book is going to be read, re-read and studied for the next year I stopped and for one day I am contemplating my larger goals and the names of the shows on my media channel. Stay tuned for the results.