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Digital Downloads Pt. 2 – 5 steps to selling PDF downloads from a WordPress Website

Tonight we’re exploring the  steps to selling Digital Downloads on my websites.

Step 1: Upload a PDF file to WordPress website. This following video is with WP 2.7 version, but is still relevant for 3.4.2 version. Watch the video here

Step 2: Next install Easy Digital Downloads. Go to your dashboard — plugins —install new and search for Easy Digital Downloads. Install.

Step 3: On the Easy Digital Downloads website there are quite a few tutorials. This plugin seems very robust and easy to use. After following the Installation and Settings setup directions on the website, I followed the directions and installed My First Download.

Step 4: Set up your download in test mode, then you can test it without being charged.

Step 5: Setting up the shopping cart. This is my next step to explore.

There are a number of extensions, free and premium. I’m still exploring these. Also found a Digital Store theme created by them that I am going to explore down the road a bit, after I test the plugin with my first PDF.  Stay tuned to updates as I explore this new area of selling digital products online.

The Virtual Classroom

Google+ Communities

1 Diversity image

Google announces Communities today. One of the great features is the ability to schedule a hangout and invite the group from the community page.   In depth article, click community page link.

Personalized Education – A world-wide private school

1home_work_close-up img

Today I met Tamra Excell in The Secret Team FB group started by Chris Brogan – She is what I’d call ‘A modern Renaissance woman’ – Writer, educator, creative thinker, artist… Tamra has served as a change agent who advocates for student-centered learning with activities that include the creation of a world-wide private school.
personalized education Tamra’s Website

Buy Digital Downloads from a WordPress Site

Thought this would be easy to solve but it took me the better part of the day to find the plugin Easy Digital Downloads . This plugin was very easy to install and has a lot of features and premium addons. Definitely testing it out with our new products this winter.